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Mia Maki In addition to being a Certified Management Accountant and a fellow of the society (FCMA), Mia Maki holds a BA in Mathematics and Sociology, and an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Her MBA thesis: “The David Approach – a Strategy Method for David Companies in a Goliath World” was nominated by the business faculty at the University of Victoria for a Lieutenant Governor’s silver medal.

Brent Iverson has over twenty years of experience in both the public and the private sector, but has recently been dedicated to large public sector projects. His past clients and employers include: the Corporate Accounting System (CAS) initiative at the Ministry of Labour and Citizen Services, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Environment, and the Government of the Northwest Territories. His background includes a strong technical focus, including Oracle, AppWorx, and programming on the UNIX platform using both SQL and PL/SQL. This experience has given Brent a strong foundation from which he is well positioned to provide trusted advisory and technical services to his clients.


Quimper Consulting Principals belong to the following professional organizations is involved with the following companies and organizations:

Certified Management Accountants Canada - British Columbia (CMA): Mia Maki holds the CMA professional designation and is also an FCMA, a Fellowship awarded to less than 2% of CMAs in Canada, and sits on the Board of Directors for the provincial association and is a Moderator for the Strategic Leadership Program.

Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG): OAUG is a global organization that enhances the capabilities of real Oracle users in their day-to-day use and management of the growing family of Oracle Applications. The OAUG provides access to a global knowledgebase of solutions to its members, offers unique networking opportunities within a global user community, creating meaningful connections with other users and Oracle Corporation.

Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Centre (VIATeC): VIATeC is designed to facilitate the development of Vancouver Island as a global centre of excellence for advanced technology. VIATeC, which commenced operation in 1990, is a not-for-profit, industry-driven venture, which actively promotes and enhances the development of the advanced-technology industry on Vancouver Island.

Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS): Industrial Advisory Board: Mia Maki sits on the Industrial Advisory Board for MITACS. The Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex systems, is a Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE) for the Mathematical Sciences. The Network focuses on developing mathematical solutions, which address issues in the fastest growing sectors of the nation's economy.

Chief Financial Officers Group (CFO Group) Victoria, BC: Mia Maki is a Co-founder of this self-managed group of financial professionals. This group brings together CMAs, CAs, CGAs and MBAs serving as CFOs to Victoria’s larger companies to share best practices and information.

Rockland Systems Solutions: Rockland System Solutions was formed in 2001 to address a need within government and the private sector for experienced resources to lead an integrated approach to financial/ERP systems implementations and data warehouse solutions. Rockland's team of e-business specialists create and deliver innovative and high quality products and services that result in trusted advisory roles with our clients.

View Consulting: Barbara Vanderlinden, Principal, offers consulting services to the government and public sector with a focus on program evaluation, audit, and strategic leadership. In addition, Barbara is an Associate Faculty member at Royal Roads University, and a moderator for the CMA Strategic Leadership Program. Mia and Barbara have worked together in the past and continue their affiliation to provide additional expertise in complementary areas to their clients.

Leading Matters Consulting Inc.: A consulting firm where principal Corrie Barclay assists clients in the areas of change management, strategic planning, and project management. Mia and Corrie have worked together in the past and continue their affiliation to provide additional expertise in complementary areas to their clients.